Some questions always come up again. We have answered frequently asked questions and answered:


Please click Login at the top right hand corner to open the page. Click Register here and input your information. Registration is nonbinding. After registering, you can initiate the process to participate.

You need to register in order to submit the stand registration as well as service orders.
You must register first before applying for an event. After registering, you can initiate the application process: select a preferred stand, input the information on your company and contact person. Once you are done, check your details and submit the application.
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Once you start your application, the system stores it as a draft, which can be recalled and edited at any time. As soon as you're finished, you can submit the application.
You can share a stand with other exhibitors.
Please book online a stand area as main exhibitor and then register the partners as co-exhibitors.
You can only register co-exhibitors after you have booked a stand area.
If you have transferred data from your previous account, the co-exhibitor application is prefilled with information on the co-exhibitors from the last event.
We process your application at Deutsche Messe.
For onsite participation:
Then we plan the layout for available stand spaces.
Once this is done, we send a confirmation of participation to each exhibitor.
After that you can start ordering services.
Please be patient, because we need to complete the layout planning before we can ship your confirmation of participation. This may take a while.

Delivery of confirmation of participation

We will email you your confirmation of participation and hall map/layout (onsite-event). During the application process, you can also opt for electronic delivery of the invoice. This service will significantly shorten processing and delivery of your order documents and invoices.
For onsite participation:
After the hall planning has been completed, all exhibitors will receive confirmation of participation.

Services and orders

You have the option to present your company and products via our Exhibitor Content Management System ECM. Don't miss out on the opportunity to input your data into the ECM.


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Please note that some services are time-limited, which means you must observe the deadlines to avoid hassles. Services without deadlines or those still open are highlighted in green; red means it is past the deadline.
Order Deadlines
You will be requested to make an advance payment for services when you receive the stand rental invoice. In the final invoice, this amount will be offset against the actual services used. The final invoice is sent about five weeks after the event is over.

fair package

The stand construction included in the fair-package can be extended according to your wishes, up to an individual design. Any graphics, posters, etc. attached by the exhibitor must be removed independently and without residue immediately after the end of the event. The independent attachment of heavy objects/exhibits to existing constructions is not permitted, as this may impair the stability (statics).

Monitors, TVs and other audio-video equipment can be ordered through the event's online shop. Our service partners below will be pleased to assist you:


Gahrens + Battermann GmbH
Tel.: +49 511 419997-0

For help with installation, please contact our stand setup team:

The tower¿s size is 160 x 320 x 360 cm, and it is covered with one cloth banner measuring about 140 x 340 cm.

Yes, our fair package Basic includes a 202 x 40 cm digital print for the fascia panel, the fair package Comfort includes a 140 x 340 cm poster for the tower, and our fair package Premium provides a 200 x 300 cm digital print for backlit walls.

You may order extra graphics for a fee through the stand setup company. For information, please call our stand setup team:
The package price includes insurance coverage for your stand and standard furnishings, and basic cleaning before the event starts, followed by daily cleaning and waste disposal during the event. Please get additional insurance coverage for extra services you order, if required.
The respective hall inspector keeps the keys and you may pick yours up. Kindly remember to return it after the event is over.
We send the parking permits at least two weeks before the event starts. You can order and/or pick up extra permits from the Exhibitor Service Center (ESC). For a list of parking facilities open for the respective event, click: Parking Lots.
Dismantling commences right after the event is over. Therefore, you must remove all decorations and fixtures/furnishings promptly as the event closes. Please remember to take all your belongings with you. 

Stand setup

Click KNOW-HOW and look under the Construction and dismantling period category.


Please follow the signs for parking lots for cars, buses, trucks, or RVs.
There is a parking fee during an event. But it is free during setup and dismantling periods.
No, reservations are not accepted.
Visitors and exhibitors use the same parking lots.
Yes, via Online Service Shop you can order a multiple-entry parking permit, valid for all lots for the selected category, such as cars.
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